Down to Earth Pricing

One of the reasons I have been successful making websites for small businesses in and around Northumberland County, is that I understand that most small businesses cannot afford their own IT department and that money is often scarce. I get that. I’m a small business too. That’s why I have priced myself to match the needs of the market I serve.

Here’s an overview of my down to earth service pricing. Click on any item for more details.

Basic Startup Package - Under $1000

Most small business websites have similar requirements. You’ll be wanting a secure, fast loading, self-editable website that will show up quickly in SERPs (search engine result pages) and be up and running 24-7.

I can help. I’ll set up a brand new website on secure web hosting with your personalized domain name for under $1000 including taxes. This package (currently $983.10 CDN with taxes) includes the initial setup of an “up to” 10 page website, one year of domain name management and the first year of secure and reliable Canadian based web hosting. Additional pages beyond the first 10 pages included will normally raise the cost of your setup fee by $30 per page.

I also provide a single two hour one-on-one training session which is usually conducted on the client’s computer to show how the site works and how to update it. Additional training is available on request. See Training below.

I’ve spent over 10 years discovering and implementing the best local hosting, the best content management software, the most flexible and amazing themes, and the best premium and free plugins to make your website come alive.

Web Hosting Fee - $100/yr

Note: First year of web hosting included in the basic startup package above.

My yearly Managed WordPress web hosting fee includes not only serving your website to the world, but also keeping all core WordPress files, theme files and plugin files updated throughout the year. As new features are brought in, the developers of these products will issue new versions and security patches to improve functionality and foil hackers bent on breaking into your website for their own nefarious purposes.

No website is too small to be of interest to these dark forces. Self-editable websites that you can log into are particularly susceptible to being hacked if not locked down and secured through constant vigilance. This level of security is essential as all websites can be considered to be under attack on a regular if not constant basis.

Of course, no security plan is foolproof, which is why I also include regular backups in my yearly hosting fee.

Domain Name Management - $20/yr

Note: First year of domain name management included in startup package above.

Despite the low cost, domain name management is one of the most critical components of owning a website. Having access to the domain name management panel over the many years you are likely to own your website, is the single most important component of your online presence. What it comes down to is this. Whoever controls the domain, controls the website.

I hold hundreds of domains in trust for my clients. This actually simplifies things for me as only one email address and one credit card needs to be kept up to date to insure all of these domains are automatically renewed on their anniversary dates. Now some of my clients like to control their domains themselves, and I’m 100% okay with that. But the problem with managing one domain is that keeping this information up to date is unlikely to be a top priority for you the way managing hundreds of domains is for me. If you change your email or forget to update your credit card information, you may be surprised one day to find your website has disappeared off the Internet. I’ve seen this issue arise many times and can tell you that getting your domain back after it has been allowed to lapse can be anywhere from extremely frustrating to outright impossible.

Managing domains is easy for me, but if you want to do it yourself, just let me know. I will help guide you to understand what’s important.

Content Updates - $30/hr or $10 for updates that are 1/2 hr or less

Note: These fees are completely optional. If you don’t ask me to update your website, you will not be charged these fees.

In addition to keeping all of your site files up to date as part of my annual web hosting fee, I am often asked to help with posting updates and making other changes to websites. Clients typically send me an email to ask for these updates, including any images or file documents and instructions as to what needs to be done. If I can, I will perform these updates as soon as they are received, but I do my best to have all update requests fulfilled by the end of the following business day. Updates are charged in 15 minute increments at a rate of $30 per hour, however updates that take me half an hour or less are simply charged a flat rate of $10.

One-on-One Training - $30/hr

I provide a two hour training session to new clients to help them familiarize themselves with how their new website works and how to update the content. Additional one-on-one training is available as required for $30 per hour plus travel time, also at $30 per hour. Training is best done on the same computer that will be used to update the site. Generally speaking, these sessions should be limited to 2 hours so as not to overwhelm users. Of course if you have a single question about how something works, I am happy to respond to these questions by email at no charge.

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