About Me

John Charlton - Photo by Bob Leahy

Web Design Experience

I began building websites commercially in July of 2006. I have now launched hundreds of sites for businesses, organizations and private individuals throughout Northumberland County and beyond.

For many of my clients, building a website is just the beginning of our relationship. I also help them keep their sites up to date with regular content additions. In fact, some of my clients have me make all the changes for them. Others do most of the changes themselves and turn to me when they have updates they feel unsure of making on their own or want to refresh their website’s function and appearance to keep up with current trends.

Business Background

I came to web design with a solid business foundation, having worked for many years in photo retail at places such as Toronto Camera and Henry’s. I was also General Manager of a chain of photofinishing outlets called The Photo Shops, the retail arm of Continental Photofinishers, and worked for over a decade in the advertising department of one of the last privately owned community newspapers in the region. Working at The Brighton Independent provided me with valuable insight into the daily operations of a diverse group of businesses and community organizations.

What I Offer

While I rely on the language and technical skills I have developed over the years, nothing I do is exactly rocket science. Websites aren’t that hard to build and most people could learn how to do it themselves if they devoted the time and energy into learning how. I believe what I offer is a cost effective and time saving alternative to learning many of these skills and doing it yourself. My customers turn to me to help them fill either a knowledge gap or to free up their time to concentrate on other aspects of running their business or organization. If you are looking for someone to partner with on your road to success, please consider working with me to promote and grow your enterprise.